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the back story

the M37 story starts with the career of founder and CEO Rob Strickland, a pioneer of the Chief Information Officer role in IT companies.

Rob held multiple CIO and CTO roles across the telecommunications space, building the basis of his vast global network and connections to IT leaders and innovators.

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After exiting his last corporate leadership role with a sale of Leap Wireless to at&t in 2013, Rob launched full-time into consulting work through Strickland Consulting, LLC.

A chance meeting with a digital marketing and branding expert in his new home of San Diego in 2014 led to the creation of The Digital Nexus, an extension of SC LLC that focused on the intersection of IT and Marketing.



Big client engagements across the US and Mexico resulted in an expansion of Digital Nexus. Global startup connections and venture capital partners began asking for more assistance with go to market strategy and holistic services from DN and the team.

An emphasis on cutting-edge technology strategy, implementation guidance and need for expertise for go to market meant Digital Nexus had run its course, and the team formed a new entity focused on new technology such as blockchain, IoT, big data security and telecommunications platforms.

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M37 is the result of years of experience with expert consultants, technology partners, venture networks, technology providers, industry strategists and executive management leaders. 

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